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Featured Author Spotlight on: Diane Bator By Connie Vines #Author Interview, #author interview, #Diane Bator

 Today's Spotlight Interview is with the author  Diane Bator.

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Connie:  Diane, Please tell me about your current release.

Diane Bator, author

Diane: Eccentric romance novelist Mimsy Lexington has a secret. 🙍

When she approaches Katie Mullins to help find details about her late husband’s death, Katie and her boyfriend Danny Walker are drawn into a web of lies and deceit. The deeper they dig, the more they realize the biggest dangers may lurk close to home and need to suspect everyone—including Mimsy.

My most recent book, The Conned Lady, is the fifth book and conclusion of my Wild Blue Mystery series. Where the first book, The Bookstore Lady, tells readers how Katie Mullins and Danny Walker first arrived in Packham, The Conned Lady wraps up their story and puts an end to Katie’s struggles with the bosses she’s been evading.

Connie: What was the inspiration for this story?

Diane: The Bookstore Lady was the first in the series and was actually inspired by my move across Canada to a small town where no one knew me. I kept thinking “What if I had a huge secret like I was on the run from someone?” and wrote my book from there. The entire series features some great local things from where I currently live but is set in a small, fictional town in New York State.

 Connie: Do you have a favorite paragraph/line of dialogue in this novel?

Diane:  Mimsy Lexington:  “I’ve committed a murder and can’t seem to remember how.”

Connie "Great line of dialogue.  I'm hooked!"

Diane's complete interview was posted on May 10, 2022--click on the date to read more!

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