Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Cannot Tell A Lie

I received the "I Never Tell A Lie" meme from my dear friend, MaryAnn Miller...boldly posted on her It's Not All Gravy blog. I suppose I must abide by the following rules provided:

Sometimes you can learn more about a person by what they don’t tell you. Sometimes you can learn a lot from the things they just make up. If you are tagged with this Meme, lie to me. Then tag 7 other folks (one for each deadly sin) and hope they can lie.

I'm not a very good liar, and neither is my youngest son, even though he tried to perfect it for years. I can still tell by the look in his eyes when he's being untruthful. Most of the time his eyes are brown...but sometimes they're a crystal clear pool allowing me to see right into those turning wheels in his brain. He thinks he can fool me...in what century? I really have nothing to lie about. My life is an open book as evidenced by my blog.

Pride: A pack of lions... or what I feel at having been a runway model at the age of 20. Maybe it's that bursting feeling I had when I was crowned Miss California a year later. Nah, it had to be appearing in the swimsuit issue of....oh, the name escapes me.

Envy: Something I never feel. The ten commandments tell us not to covet, so I stifle those feelings when I see a thin woman with good hair, someone flashing a huge wad of cash, or another new book by that damn Nora Roberts who gets away with head-hopping in all her novels.

Gluttony: I can honestly say I'm no longer a glutton. In 1991 I had my stomach stapled and I eat only small amounts or else I throw up. So, it's not HOW MUCH I eat...it's become WHAT I eat. I stick with what I think is safe and won't get stuck, so my diet sucks. I eat potato chips, mashed potatoes, pop corn, and all those things that go right to your butt. I lost over five hundred pounds, but over the years it's creeping back despite my vow to never be fat again. My diet is even more complicated since I started taking blood thinning medication. I'm limited on eating leafy greens because the vitamin K interferes with the dose. You know how I realized I was fat again? The elastic band on my underwear used to say HANES....now it says HAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEEEES! *lol*

Lust: What really lights your fire?
Nothing....I don't care if Tom Selleck and Mel Gibson wrestled for me on my living room floor. I've reached the age where lovemaking is a chore and not worth the leg cramps and painful friction. Of course, as my doctor so kindly pointed out to me when I mentioned my lack of interest, "The grass needs to be mowed occasionally," so I try to be considerate on occasion. But honestly, nothing can light this fire...sort of like trying to ignite wet kindling in the middle of a rainstorm. And as for those products that purport orgasms like erupting volcanoes or fireworks, may I say...bullshit! (oops, did I say that?)

Anger: Oh, absolutely nothing angers me. I'm the calmest person you'll ever meet. I'm so very happy with our current president and his administration. I love the fact that our elected officials see their posts as careers rather than a term in office, and I couldn't be more elated about the questionable people that have been appointed to cabinet posts. I also think it is so admirable that network news reports only the positive things, and we enjoy all that promised TRANSPARENCY in everything our new president does.

Greed: Name something you keep from others. I have nothing anyone wants, I'm sure, so I've really never been greedy. In fact, when I divorced my husband of 32 years, I made sure to leave him with all the furniture he needed and took only the spare stuff for myself. I think I would have re-considered when he moved out and left it all behind. I need to work on my greed skills. Okay, okay...so I do hide a candy bar occasionally.

Sloth: What's the laziest thing you've ever done?
According to my family, I have become a sloth. Since my sister moved in, I do absolutely nothing. She does all the housework, most of the yard work, and more. She's a perfectionist so I dare not try to interfere. You have no idea how hard it is to sit in the recliner with my laptop while she's frittering back and forth, vacuuming, dusting, plumping pillows. Yesterday, I tried to help out, and actually mowed 1/4 of the front yard before I felt faint. Later, I rolled the empty trash can back from the curb (actually, we don't have curbs...just a place where the grass ends and the street begins), but then I had to go in and rest for a bit. I think I spend most of my time polishing my crown and wasting my time on the computer. At least that's what they think I do. :)

I apologize, but as I said...I absolutely cannot lie! It was I who chopped down the blasted cherry tree. Bwaaahhhaaaa!

Now I'm supposed to inflict this on seven more people. Maryann stated she didn't believe I own a gun. Well, I do. I just bought one. Let's see who shall I pick on....who might actually do this: Anita Davison, Diane Wylie, Anna K. Lanier, Tabatha Shay, Clare London, Lisabet Sarai, and Cheryl St. John. Sorry Ladies, but if you actually take the time, it's great blog fodder. Remember, don't come stalking...I'm armed and I know how to shoot. *lol*

As I Mature

I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.

I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think.

I've learned you can keep vomiting long after you think you're finished.

I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities or politicians.

I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades, and there had better be a lot of money to take its place!

I've learned that 99% of the time, when something isn't working in your house, one of your kids did it.

I've learned that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.

I'd like to thank Anna K for sharing this via email. How true most of this is. I related to almost everything except for stalking someone and having the fading passion turn to money. The passion doesn't really fade, it just gets tired. *lol*

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Mania

Most people probably don't realize how much time is involved in promoting...and the more houses you sign with, the more demands are made on your time. That's why I ask my friends to visit here, once in a while, so I can have a little break from one task. I love to blog, but it can be an all-consuming passion. I have to pace myself. So, I offer opportunities for my friends to come here and introduce their work to you.

What I'd like to know, and comments are welcome and needed...do you read the posts of my fellow authors and do you find them entertaining and helpful?

In the same line of questions...authors, do you read all the posts made to your Facebook? Do you read all the Tweets of those you follow? I don't know how to fit everything into a day anymore. I need some suggestions. Anyone?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday Fiction, Saturday Stuff, all on Sunday

I received an email today, asking me to share this banner with those who might be interested in entering their work in the contest for 2010. Just what I needed, one more thing to ponder. Embezzled Love was a finalist last year, and that encouraged me to enter again...but which story? Check the EPIC website if you're interested.

Even with my sister living with me and acting like Mr. Clean, minus the bald head, I still can't get a handle on all the 'authorly' things I need to complete. Now, my husband has left for orientation for a new job, and I'm going to actually have to get out of this chair and do something around the house. There go the nails I've managed to sprout. *lol* I knew I'd eventually have to relinquish my crown as the household queen, but you can't blame me for trying to hold onto it.

I'm such a ditz sometimes. It wasn't enough that I fought with myself daily over which manuscript to work on, I got the bright idea to request the rights back to White Heart, Lakota Spirit so I could shop it again. Well, I read it and decided it needs a whole lot more work than I originally thought. Even previously published work needs love and attention. *smile*

I've learned tons since I wrote that book, and although the story is awesome...amateur mistakes jump right off the page at me. Simple things like: Tags describing the dialogue before the person speaks; using names too often, explaining things far more than needed (RUE = resist the urge to explain...you're readers aren't dummies.) I've since met the rule, action before reaction, and can you say PASSIVE voice? I had a wonderful editor who knew tons about western history, and she kept me honest, but she was a fairly new author at the time, and I doubt she knew much more than me. At least it appears to be the case. So, I've now tossed aside my WIPS and am working to tighten up WHLS. I already have someone interested in it, so that's a good thing.

Another good thing...my WIPS aren't gathering dust for no reason. I've discussed representation with someone who thinks my work is worthy of her time. I've sent her samples of the three main stories in progress, and I'm waiting for her opinion on which one should receive my undivided attention. Since I haven't actually signed a contract, I'm waiting before I share more. Don't get too excited, she isn't from a major house, but she has spirit that I admire and drive I used to have.

Of course, I have two blogs of my own, participate, or am supposed to participate on several others, and being signed with more than one house, I'm supposed to make appearances at the scheduled chats and promo days for each. Add in tweeting at twitter, Myspace, Facebook and all the other loops and sites to which I subscribe, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Oh...plus I moderate two loops and maintain the EP Myspace page. I used to consider myself organized, but becoming an author sort of took the wind out of those sails. I don't have stacks on my desk...everything is filed away. Now if I could just remember where. *rofl* Maybe senility won't be so bad.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Beginnings

Thank you, Ginger, for welcoming me on your blog to spend a little time with you, your followers and all who are dropping by. It gives me great pleasure to introduce my debut novel, Clara's Eastern Delight, coming soon with Red Rose™ Publishing's Desert Rose line. Some of you may ask or even wonder what is meant by the Desert Rose line. Well, it's where East meets West - or - is it, West meets East - or - is it everyone meets the East?. In a nutshell, it's about romance.

Romance is struck up anywhere in the world and at any time between people of different cultures. The Desert Rose line encompasses romance between people from an array of cultures across the globe with people of the East.

Now, a little about Clara's story. Novelist, Clara Jacobs is a young and vibrant European, who journeys from the United Kingdom to the Middle East at the unexpected invitation of the Sheikh of Al Maderana. The sheikh has commissioned Clara to ghost write his biography. Finding the generous terms of the commissioning invitation hard to resist, Clara accepts. Clara's literary agent, peers and family are opposed to her decision to travel to the Middle East to work for the sheikh. Tenacious, Clara wonders why the sheikh has selected her, above all others and to satisfy her curiosity, she flies out to the Middle East and ...

I hope you are interested in learning more when Clara's Eastern Delight is published soon as an ebook with Red Rose™ Publishing. Keep checking the Red Rose™ Publishing website for updates. Red Rose Publishing.

Click here to visit my new website.

Before I depart, I'd like to give you a little background information about why I chose to write Clara's Eastern Desert. Over the past five years, I have immensely enjoyed vacations in various locations of the Middle East. The locations are exciting places, adorned with the vast desert, oases, old buildings blend with the new and modern city skyscrapers. Modern people of the North, South and West blend with the people of the East. The camel and the four wheeled drive jeep are interesting contrasts. The Eastern culture is steeped in its fair share of mystery and the people are equally mysterious which compelled me to conjure a story about a Western woman's experience in the East. You can't imagine how pleased I was to find a publisher for this particular genre.

Clara's Eastern Delight will be followed by another novel entitled, A Prize for Saskia, which I am currently writing. Saskia is also a European who travels to the East and engages in activities quite outside of her norm. I deliberately made Clara and Saskia's stories dissimilar.

Sadly, before I overstay my welcome, :-), this is where I must reluctantly stop. I hope you've enjoyed my brief visit. It's been great spending time on Ginger's impressive and wonderful blog and I hope I will be able to return soon.

Thank you all for your time.

Best wishes,

Clareta King

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Thursday Tourist Tomorrow

I hope you'll stop by and help me welcome new author, Clareta King. Ms. King is a new acquaintance from my signing with Red Rose Publishing, and we both have new releases debuting shortly. Come and learn how her vacations to various Middle Eastern locales have influenced her writing and helped her create Clara's Eastern Delight.

I'm most happy to welcome her to Dishin' It Out, and I thank her for being my guest this week.

Wednesday's Widsom - Steer Clear...

Of ANY product that says this...

Honestly, I've joked about some of the ridiculous claims made by TV announcers, but the human side of me was curious enough to see if there was any truth to a few of them. I can honestly say...

Shamwow should be Wow...this is a sham. The amazing piece of material the announcer claims will soak up anything barely soaks up anything. If you happen to wash it, it shrinks up to the size of a small washcloth. I'll stick with paper towel. It works better and is less expensive. I'm just wondering how they made it look so 'amazing' during the ad.

I can't recall the name of those little things that are supposed to remove hair simply by buffing your skin, but don't believe it. You'll remove your skin before you budge a hair. I bought the product because it came with a small one to use on your face. As I've aged, I've noticed a few hairs springing up here and there, and I thought this might be a way to rid myself of the problem. After using it, my upper lip turned bright pink and felt like I had been in a horrible chafing wind. When I checked my magnifying mirror...I wasn't missing a single hair. Save your money for a good wax job.

They advertised a two for one super mop. I'd had one similar that I purchased from a home show in California, and I really liked it. This one on TV looked identical...well almost. So, what could I lose for $10.00. I'll tell you what...$35.00 for shipping and handling. Hey, they had to be reimbursed for that free mop somehow. And when it came...it was nothing like I expected. I just can't win.

Neither can my sis. She purchased some grass seed that was supposed to provide a thick carpet of green wherever you threw it. The ad claimed several square feet, but what she got was a 3 x 5 post-card-sized batch of green corn silk. Not quite what she had in mind for the bald spot in the lawn.

If anyone has found a product "As Seen on TV" that wasn't a big disappointment, I'd like to hear about it. Anyone?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back From Camping Again

I expected to have a relaxing and fun time, but the weather didn't cooperate. I'm sure you've heard that Tennessee boasts weather you can wear. Well, it's true. I had my hair cut and styled an hour or so before we left, and by the time we finished setting up camp, I was wearing a hair helmet. This picture is the view from any window in our camper. No, it's not rain, it's moisture caused from breathing.

I can stand heat, but when it's mixed with a sauna, then get me the heck out of there. Two minutes outside was like sitting in a shower for ten. Kelly changed shirts so many times in the first half-day, he ran out of clean clothes. We ended up leaving a day early because the gray water tank was full from all the showers we took.

Of course, when I booked the site on line, I had no idea I was reserving the ONLY one in the park without a tree. Oh, there was a stump where on used to be, but not a lick of shade anywhere. Not even under our canopy because the sun beat in from all sides. I took "Smore" fixins, but it was just too hot to even light a fire. Thankfully, we had air conditioning in the trailer, and I really felt sorry for all those folks trying to sleep in tents. Lord, what were they thinking? Our friends came up for the night, and we ended up playing Yahtzee inside. We had a nice time, but it would have been more like camping to sit outside and roast marshmallows while watching the moon rise on the lake. Maybe next time...when we camp in the fall. :)

My husband is one of those people who helps those in need. Right after we arrived, the people in a neighboring site came down to their boat, planning to take a little ride. Since the lake is fed from a dam, they didn't realize when water releases, the level decreases. Their boat now rested on a log, and they couldn't push it out. Kelly to the rescue. Once he started helping, they all climbed in while he provided the muscle to push them out, wading almost waist-deep in the lake. Boots, pants, everything wet, and all he got for his trouble was a wave as they gunned the engine and rode away. Served them right when their boat sank later in the day. That wasn't nice was it?

Oh well...like Dorothy says when she returned from Oz. There's no place like home! I'm not going camping again until the leaves start to turn.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fiction - Learn from a Soap Opera

If you write fiction, then SHOW rather than TELL has probably been pounded into your head by your editors. There's a reason for this, and you can really understand it if you watch a good Soap Opera.

I've been a loyal fan of General Hospital for years, and granted, sometimes the storyline borders on ridiculous, but realizing that has helped improve my writing. My favorite character is Carly Corinthos Jax. Laura Wright, the actress who plays Carly, really SHOWS her emotions through her expressions. You don't have to guess when something surprises her...her mouth gapes, her eyes widen, and sometimes, she even gasps. These are things your reader can't see, so you have to SHOW them happening in your story to make them experience the moment. Let me give a quick example:

Carly was surprised when Sonny asked for a divorce. She felt mad and hurt at the same time.

Carly's mouth gaped. She widened her eyes at Sonny. He wanted a divorce? Anger fired her blood, but at the time time, her heart ached from him to hold her and say it was all a joke.

I'm sure you can see how the second would really SHOW the moment to the reader.

Of course, there are the scenes in GH when a couple awakens in the morning, breath stale and mouth pasty in real life, but they roll over, embrace face to face and engage in a passionate kiss. We all know that if that happened somewhere other than in front of the cameras, we'd push our partner away and tell them to "go brush." *lol*

That's why soap operas are like a training ground for writing. You want your story to be believable. An author never wants a reader to stop mid-story and raise a brow and think...yeah, like that would really happen.

I thought that today when I watched Jax and Carly in a tub surrounded by candles...I mean surrounded, and filled with rose petals. He massaged her foot, then gave her a diamond necklace. Yeah...that happens every day around here. *lol* Also, it's amazing how Leslie Charleson (Monika Quartermaine) seems to be growing younger the longer she's on the show. Between her and Bobbie Spencer (played by Zackie Zeman), it seems to be a race to see how tight they can get their faces. A dead giveaway is the crepe-like skin on their necks. You really can't fool mother nature...or a discerning viewer. I swear Leslie is starting to look a little like Skeletor. Still, I'm not sure I wouldn't try to undo the ravages of time if I could afford it. My biggest fear is I would look like a snake because I already have no lips. Of course, I could have them enlarged. That seems to be a trend right now among the actresses, but lordy, some have gone way to far in their pursuit to look like Angelina Jolie! I guess given my pocketbook and fear of reptiles, I'll stay as I am.

Anyhow, I got a little off track. Check out a soap opera some time and see the difference between good and bad actors and actresses. Apply the emotions to your writing, and you'll be surprised at what you produce. A good editor once told me..."You've written a great story, now we need to make it into a novel."

At the time, I didn't realize the difference, but once I went back through, added in the smells, the smiles, the pain, anger, fear, and showed them to the reader through my words, I learned what my editor meant. Don't just tell what's happening...SHOW your reader. Draw them in, hold them captive, and keep them turning pages. It's a skill, and I'm still learning, but as an old cigarette ad once said, "I've come a long way, baby."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Joan Maze - My Thursday Tourist

Thanks for the welcome. I find the entire writing world, of which RWA is a big part, to be exciting beyond belief. I've received so much help and encouragement, along with ideas and suggestions for improvement, that I'm just going to have to live forever. I can't keep up with all the books I am writing and want to write.

Getting published--Murder By Mistake was my first--did something wonderful to my ego and has even affected how others react to me. I just wish I could meet some of my writer friends in person.

Getting published has also affected my schedule in a big way. Promoting is time consuming. Having thought I'd dislike the process (I always failed at sales), I was surprised to realize I actually love it.

Thanks again, Ginger, for inviting me. For anyone who hasn't seen my website, created with a lot of anxiety and hair-pulling, the address is: www.joanmaze.com

Welcome, Joan Maze

Running a day late, but wanted to sneak in and welcome today's guest, Joan Maze. If you're looking for mystery, then this the novelist for you. I've just met Joan, and I'm excited to read some of her work. We'll both learn a little more about her.

Today, I sneaked onto her website and found this:

I've always been involved in the arts, music, writing and painting, beginning with studying voice at Northwestern University. I interrupted this endeavor for a family, but finally finished my degree at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. The emphasis, this time, was in subjects related to writing.

My first attempt at fiction was at the age of eight when my mother taught me how to use her turn-of-the-century typewriter. It was so heavy I couldn't lift it, but that didn't stop me from spending hours learning to type and, supposedly, write. As far as the story is concerned, it contained every mistake known to the publishing world, but it sparked my interest, which grew from that point on.

Help me welcome her today.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah, Sweet Romance!

Isn't it wonderful to escape to a world where heroes are hunky and heroines are beautiful? But what happens when we have to come back to reality? Let's face it. God did not create us all equal, and the focus on the importance of beauty has become ridiculous. Of all the book covers you've seen, have you seen a middle-aged woman with wrinkles, gray hair, and baggy boobs? Nope! Well...old people need love, too. *lol*

My husband keeps reminding me what an amorous person I was fourteen years ago. The best I can do is tell him to hold onto those memories, because the ravages of time have all but erased any self-esteem I had. Gravity helped, too, and it's hard to feel good about being intimate when you don't like your body. I was never really crazy about mine, but there was a fleeting time I considered I wasn't all 'that' bad. Believe me, I know different now. Like the old joke...I used to wear a 38D and now I wear a 40 Long... there really isn't any humor in what aging does to you.

Everything has shifted, including my derriere. The only thing that has withstood the ravages of time are the 'saddlebags' I've tried desperately to eliminate my whole adult life. And, let's talk about cellulite. I could be an advertisement for cottage cheese. It's sad. I don't even like to undress in front of myself, let alone anyone else. Sadly, it has taken a toll on my love life. I'm blessed with a patient husband, but I'm not sure how long that patience will last. The last time we were intimate, we both got leg cramps so bad we had to stop. How romantic is that?

I'd like to see someone incorporate my love life into a romance novel. But come to think of it, it probably would be sold more as a tragedy or a humorous offering. It's not like I don't want to be the woman I used to be. I do have a brand new package of "His and Hers" lubricating lotion. I'm saving it for a special occasion...like when I'm in a coma.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Mania - My upcoming release

July 2nd with see the release of Tender Return from Red Rose Publishing. I'm excited and scared at the same time.

Sadly, for the first time, I find myself with no contracted work and nothing under consideration. I have five works-in-progress, but being sick has taken a toll on me and my muse.

I recently had to redo this video because I used what I considered a free download from the Big Band Era. It fit so well. BUT...Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, deemed I couldn't download the trailer because I didn't own the music. So...I turned to my favorite free place, Incompetech.com, because I've never been hassled for using music from there. I don't like it nearly as much, but I guess it will have to do.

Since we're unemployed at the moment, free sounds pretty good. I hope you'll enjoy the video and want to read the book when it comes out.

I now have to get my big ol' butt in gear and get to work on one of these stories and get finished so I can submit and get myself back in the race. I feel like the old horse that's been put out to pasture. Ran a great race, but sway-backed, poor joints, and wishing for younger years to accomplish all the dreams in writing I still have. Somehow that old standard, "there's always tomorrow," isn't quite as encouraging as it used to be. *smile*

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Peer Review - Stella

Stella—blonde, leggy, sexy, mysterious—the kind of woman every man dreams about. Randolph Lowe is no exception. The woman described in the folder he holds has one attribute he considers less than attractive—she’s an assassin. As an officer with the M15 Protection Unit, his assignment is to find her and take her out—and not on a date.

Colin Galbraith’s recent release, Stella (her alias) turned out to be so much more than I expected. From the blurb, I prepared for a game of cat and mouse between hero and heroine, and boy was I surprised. There was a game involved, but with twists and turns I sure never expected. I can’t divulge more without making this a spoiler, but I have to say this author’s brain works overtime in finding ways to shock and delight his readers. His colorful descriptions draw you into the story and hold you there. I entertained no thought of putting the story down until I finished.

Travel the world as Randolph trails Stella. You’ll glimpse some fascinating cities. Feel the emotion as Agent Lowe battles the growing attraction he feels for his “target,” and be stunned at what he finds. I promise you won’t be sorry. Kudos, Colin for creative and entertaining read I’m proud to recommend.

Stella is available at Eternal Press.

Author’s Biography:

Colin Galbraith has published many short stories, poems, articles and reviews, in both print and online publications.

His novel, Hunting Jack, was serialized in 2004, and his chapbook, Fringe Fantastic: The Poet's Experience of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, was published by Smashing Press in December 2005 to critical acclaim. Poolside Poetry soon followed, published in March 2007.

Colin has published three e-chapbooks: Brick by Brick (2005), Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1 (2006), and Selektion (2007). He edited his first anthology, Full Circle, in 2007 and his hugely popular children's poem, River Monkeys, appeared in the anthology, A Pocketful of Fun, published by Forward Press in 2006.

He is proud to be the Chief Editor and Publisher of The Ranfurly Review literary e-magazine, and an Associate Editor at The Scruffy Dog Review.

Colin lives in Edinburgh with his wife and daughter, two rabbits and a shoal of fish. He is a fully trained expert in the art of fake falling.

Visit his website
Visit his daily blog.
Follow Colin on Twitter.
Colin on MySpace: www.myspace.com/colingalbraith

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Will to Love, by Kim Smith

A Will to Love is here!

With the advent of summer upon us, I am proud to announce the release of my second published long fiction, A Will to Love. This is a story about love lost, love found, and love remains forever bound. It is available today at :


Benton Jessup wants his bed and breakfast to be successful. He will go to no lengths to insure that it does.

But when Kitty Beebe, a famous romance author, arrives at The Inn, his desire for success becomes a struggle of wills with love.


If the Beebe woman liked it, her expression of approval might bring more business to The Inn, and cement his chance at having a four star rating. He scowled. Keeping her off his mind was becoming nearly impossible.

Something about her mysterious air, the creative side of her jangled a similar place in him. She'd said she'd lost her land and been reduced to writing, and she'd been damned good at it. Loss had given them the same choices to make. Their goals were the same. Pick up the pieces and succeed at something else.

At the moment, his goal was to make Kitty Beebe tell all her New York friends that The Inn was the best bed and breakfast in South.

But could he get his guest to succumb to his charm, his talent. . .his obsession?

Change. That was what he needed. Change to his approach, his execution. He would make the Beebe woman fall in love with this place, with his very country until she didn't want to return to Ireland.

If he were to succeed at that, it meant giving up his resolve to stay out of a woman's way. It meant putting himself directly in her path and he knew what direction her path would be.

It was written on every page of her damn book.

Angry, he walked to the doorway of the shop and peered out. The rain hadn't let up since daybreak. The early spring green of the grasses was just appearing and he watched as birds fluttered in the ground beneath one of the oaks, playing. They were probably mating.

He turned away, unsettled. It had to do with Kitty. The first attractive woman who had not been a newlywed seeking an overnight stay on the way to a bigger, more fun honeymoon and he was in a dilemma.

Maybe Nikki was right. Maybe his interest had nothing to do with the fact she was a guest at The Inn.

And her book hadn't helped anything.

He'd read some of it while trying to go to sleep. The reminder of the Ireland he'd experienced with Carla was uncanny, and uncomfortable. Since then, he'd only wanted more. He fought the urge to pick it up every time he had spare time. What kind of woman could create such beauty and desire within a man just with simple words?

The reminder of that exact woman who rested in the house across the lawn made him collect the woodwork and walk out into the pelting rain.

About the Author

Kim is best known for her contributions to the writing world as the hostess for Introducing WRITERS! radio show, a place created to help other writers find a place to nestle in and promote their work.
Kim is a member of EPIC and the Mississippi Writers Guild.

You can find out more information about her and her work at the following places:

Official Site: http://www.mkimsmith.com/
Official Blog: http://www.mkimsmith.com/blog
Official MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mkimsmith
Official Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mkimsmith

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Special Guest Tomorrow

I'm throwing out the welcome cat....errr mat again!

Kim Smith, author of Avenging Angel, A Shannon Wallace Mystery, and A Will to Love will be here tomorrow to entertain you. I met Kim through a rather bad experience, but now we've both had the good fortune to sign with Red Rose Publishing. She also hosts a Blog talk radio program and I guested there not long ago. She has a delightful southern accent and a personality that draws you immediately to her. You know how you meet so many people on the internet and often connect with one and think...boy, I wish I could meet her in person? That's how I feel about Kim.

If you want to do a little homework before she appears tomorrow, check out her blog. I'm honored to welcome her as my Thursday Tourist.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Here!

Woo Hoo! Yesterday saw the release of my time-travel romance with an historical twist. Sisters in Time is now available. How convenient for me that this wonderful review appeared on my launch day atYou Gotta Read

If you'd like to see the video, visit Blazing Trailers and see what a great job Kim does in featuring books submitted there.

It won't be long before the book is offered in print at Amazon.com. Can't wait to get my own copies. Love this story!


Two eras collide when a modern day attorney and a pioneer wife find themselves locked in a time not their own.

Mariah Cassidy awakens in the twentieth century. Confined in a pristine environment, hooked to tubes and beeping machines, she’s scared, confused and wondering why everyone keeps calling her Mrs. Morgan. Who is the strange man who keeps massaging her forehead and telling her everything is going to be alright?

Taylor Morgan tries to focus on her surroundings through a blinding headache. The patchwork quilt, the water basin, and the archaic room don’t strike a familiar chord. Her mouth gapes when a handsome man waltzes into the room, calls her darling, and expresses his delight that she’s on the road to recovery.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Running Amok

Tonight, hubby took me out to dinner...a day late to celebrate the day we met 14 years ago. Judging from the full parking lots at every eating establishment around, you would never suspect we are experiencing an economic downturn. No matter how bad things get, people will eat. There are those who just shouldn't eat out for obvious reasons.

A new Mexican restaurant opened a week ago, and we got a coupon in the mail today. We decided to opt for a nice sit down dinner as opposed to our usual take-out. Maybe we shouldn't have made that decision. *smile* The place was fairly packed, and as luck would have it, we were seated next to a table where two mothers sat with their six children. All the young ones appeared to be under the age of eight, and since most of the conversation between mother and children was non-English, I couldn't determine which child belong to which mother. It didn't really matter because they ignored them all anyhow.

As I listened to the children yell and watched them hit one another, throw food on the floor, spill their drinks, do gymnastics on the chairs, and run through the restaurant, I wondered how the mothers remained oblivious to the chaos. Fifteen times, I heard one child say, "Mama," never to be answered. When three of the children disappeared under a neighboring table (empty), I thought for sure the mother's might notice, but they went on with their laughter and conversing as if they were there alone. My stomach was in knots. I wanted to hit someone!

I don't understand people who can't comprehend the concept of public places. How your children act at home is one thing, but how their actions affect others in public is another. I have the right to go into an eating establishment and not have to grind my teeth until my jaw hurts. I wasn't as angry with the children as I was with the mothers and their lack of respect for others. Do you think the owner of the restaurant has the right and should have said something to the offensive women? Clearly, we weren't the only agitated patrons.

Anyhow, the whole fiasco reminded of a wonderful sign I saw years ago at a hair salon I frequented. I think more business establishments should invest in the wise wording:

Some of our patrons come here to relax, enjoy the atmosphere and escape their own children. Please don't inflict yours on them!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Your Life Like a Romance Novel?

Someone asked me this question recently, and it made me pause and think...is it? The first thing I did upon hearing the question is snicker. Of course, it isn't! I have a temper, and when hubs leaves me a mess to clean up, I grumble. This last weekend, I watched hubs install a transmission on his truck, his hand slipped and the wrench hit it. He yelled at me to go away, and blamed me for his owie, because I was watching him. Men! humph! I wake up with bad hair, and yes, I've been told I snore. I'm sure hubs forgot to mention that I snore rather lady-like, but I do. My kids are...well, normal kids.

I didn't want to give up on the thought that my life could be a romance novel, though. So, I gave it some thought. I found the similarities, and I bet, if you all thought about it, you could find the "romance novel" in your life, too!

After twenty years, hubs still gives me butterflies and smiles at me with one corner of his mouth lifted that gets me each time. He pulls the car around when its raining, so I don't get wet. When the kids get mouthy, he says "Don't talk to my wife that way." *grin* That is much more romantic than saying, "Don't talk to your mom that way." When around others, we still gaze across the room at each other to make sure we are still together. We still have that whole...its us against the world thing going on.

Yep, my life is like a romance novel. Is yours? Tell me what you do for each other that resembles a romance novel...

I also want to plug my new book coming out TODAY. Yes, I'm so excited! Betraying the Prince is a mainstream romance and can be bought at Red Rose Publishing.

Betraying the Prince by Debra Kayn
Red Rose Publishing


Raised by the Prince of Antaka, Celina Rodriquez, is forced to leave the island and live life in America. Refusing to follow in the footsteps of her mother, she promises herself she will not fall for the charms of any American.

When Drake is asked to teach the Antakian princess the way women in California live, he thought he'd be busy teaching her about movies, yachting, and the local fashion.
Instead he finds himself losing his heart to a woman who swears she has sexual moves that will rock his world, and thinks nothing of walking around naked.
Will Drake succumb to her wicked ways?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tomorrow's Guest - Debra Kayn

I hope you'll join me tomorrow, when my guest will be Debra Kayn. I met Debra through a mutual publisher and she's celebrating the release of her new book. I'm pleased to host her on this special occasion.

Debra lives in the Pacific Northwest and is mother to four children. How she finds time to write is beyond me. *smile* She has a delightful sense of humor and a very interesting blog. I'm anxious to see what she has to share with us.

Monday, June 1, 2009

This is one exercise to prepare for your annual mammogram; the other is to lay in the driveway and have someone back the car over your boob. As was so kindly pointed out to me by my sister, I wouldn't even have to lay down. I could stand. Okay....so age does add some length.

Today, I went for my first mammo in a few years. I've been a bad girl, but my doctor insisted, so I went. Things have improved in small ways. Everything is computerized and the actual films are no more. Although the technician told me I didn't have to hold my breath, an inward gasp as your breast flattens into a pancake is a natural instinct. It's hard to breath until the tech pushes the release pedal. Once they have it nice and flat from top to bottom, then you get to do it all over again from side to side. I actually think it second step is to put it back into it's original shape.

Luckily, the discomfort only lasts for seconds. For me, it's more about the embarrassment of having another human lift my saggy old boob and put it up on the tray, then manipulate it into place like a lump of dough. It's hard to make small talk. "Hey, how about those Dodgers?" *lol*

The reason for the post is not to scare you away from having an exam, but to remind you to schedule one. Mammograms save lives, and don't follow my bad example and wait five years between your appointments. Now I just have to suffer through ten days until they read the results and let me know that everything is okay. I'm prayin'.

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